The Breakfast Club

I'm 18 (finally) and I try to distract myself with movies, tv, reading, photography, and partying. I'm also depressed so yeah, I have a sensitive side when it seems I'm as hard as a shell. I've had problems in the past with cutting but now I'm back to an eating disorder. I'd like to think I'm mature for my age so if there's anything you wanna talk about I'm here, would love to get to know you:) I don't believe in love, relationships, or marriage. I'll express myself within the photos but if you like to get to know me a bit more just ask. I absolutely love love movies so if you share the same interest let's talk about iiitt. right, and I post random shit that I like

yes… Everything just yes

Caught sleeping by the PRESIDENT.


thinkin bout drake.. wonderin what he up to. hope he ok


*tries to watch 45 minutes episode in 20 minutes*

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*Baby starts crying on a plane*



what if flies said “hey” every time they flew by your ear 

  • *runs for 10 minutes*
  • me: am i skinny yet?